About me

Hello and welcome to my site. 

I'm a mediator and I'm accredited by CEDR - the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution - which is renowned for providing top quality mediation training.

I'm also a solicitor. I'm a partner with Temple Bright and I've specialised in dispute resolution ever since I qualified in 2004. 

I help resolve commercial, civil and workplace disputes through mediation. I have a particular specialism in helping to resolve construction related disputes.

Why do I mediate?

As a lawyer, I'm well aware that formal legal proceedings - such as litigation, adjudication or arbitration - are sometimes inevitable. But I am passionate about mediation and how it can facilitate a commercially practical settlement at a fraction of the cost of litigation or even construction adjudication. This is why I decided to train and practice as a mediator.

As a mediator, I've been described as "calm" but "not afraid to challenge". I facilitate discussion and negotiations between the 2 or more parties who are in conflict or dispute. The beauty of mediation is that you're not confined to the strict legal aspects of the problem and I enjoy working creatively with parties to consider what other practical and commercial issues could be at stake. 

I also work 1:1. I can also help in situations where conflict or "difficult conversations" crop up. It can be - for example - a relationship with a particularly demanding client, or with a manager, partner or employee. 

How can I help you?

Conflict and disputes are sometimes inevitable. But they don't have to overwhelming, or escalate to the point where it's damaging your business.

Mediating your dispute, using me as your mediator who understands your business and your industry, can save you time, cost and stress, and also achieve more in terms of settlement options than adjudication, litigation or arbitration.


Here are my contact details, or a handy form to get in touch.

T: 07809 735501

E: info@catherinegilbertmediation.com

To book me as a mediator, please contact M4C  on 0203 411 4425 or admin@m4c.org.uk

Bristol and nationwide, UK.

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