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Did you SEE Loose Women?!

OK, so not how I'd usually start a blog post. But stay with me.

So did you see Loose Women on Wednesday? What do you mean, you were at work? Let me fill you in*.

Loose Women is a panel show which is on at lunchtimes. The panel discuss all manner of topics, including recently bullying and mental health. Guests are invited on to share their perspectives.

So far so daytime TV, right? Not yesterday. Kim Woodburn, who you might remember from "How Clean is Your House" some years ago, was invited on apparently to bury the hatchet with Colleen Nolan. They had fallen out on last year's Celebrity Big Brother, amid allegations of bullying behaviour.

Anyway. The "reconciliation" quickly became a shouting match. Janet Street-Porter was styled as "mediator" and sat between Woodburn and Nolan, inexplicably dressed in a Judge's robe.

Panellists shouted. Insults were hurled. Woodward cried and stormed off set.

The segment couldn't have been further from a reconciliation if it had tried. No one came out of it looking good. The whole situation smacked of bullying and ganging up on someone who may not have been prepared for the scenario which greeted her.

Had there been an actual mediator there - as opposed to JSP dressed up as a Judge - the outcome could have been different. A good mediator could have encouraged Nolan and Woodward to explore the reasons why they'd ended up in conflict and facilitate a resolution.

But I doubt that this would have been such good telly.

Let me know how you think it could have been handled better.

*For the avoidance of any doubt, I too was working but watched the clip on YouTube. Just so you know.


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